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5 Bar Gates (Field Gates)

Five bar gates (aka field gates) are popular on driveways and fields. Our made-to-measure field gates are fully framed, including a solid bar at the bottom. We use a high quality softwood called Redwood.

Field Gates are great for keeping an ‘open’ feel to an entranceway and are particularly suitable for windy places. These are an attractive option for any property and are low maintenance.

Our tried and tested design has a maximum width per gate of 8′ (240cm). This means that a pair of gates, including posts can span a maximum of around 17′  (510cm). For wider spaces, we can add a section of fencing.   

WoodWorks will take care of your whole project from start to finish so you can relax and carry on with your life. Here are some of my core values:

Quality – To build things to last.
Protect the environment – I’m 200% green.
Simple Prices – An all inclusive price without hidden extras. 
Realistic Waiting Times – It could be a long wait but I’ll be honest.
Keeping tidy – I’ll try and keep on top of the mess. 

Please note: Timber is a natural material and will have vary in colour, texture and grain.
Timber will change colour and can shrink and split over time.