Decking, Fencing and Gates

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Hit and Miss Fencing

Particularly effective in areas prone to extreme winds, our Hit and Miss fencing usually comprises 6 to 8 inch rough sawn timbers attached horizontally to 4 inch square timber posts. These horizontal boards are attached on alternating sides of the posts, with a slight overlap with the one on the other side so that if you are standing a distance away but looking straight at the fence, you will not see through it. When you are close to the fence you will see glimmers of gaps at certain angles. This type of fencing provides a level of privacy, and a particular visual effect, whilst allowing the wind to pass through easily.

We will take care of your whole fencing project from start to finish.  We will do everything from designing and supplying you with your no-obligation written quotation, through to completing your fencing and leaving the worksite tidy.

All jobs are considered from small repairs, to long runs of fencing around entire gardens. Whatever your requirements, we have extensive experience in range of solutions. With WoodWorks you’re in safe hands.

We concrete our fence posts deep into the ground and taper the top of the mortar so the posts will last as long as possible.

If you live within a 20 minute drive from SA680XS, (check google maps), you are eligible for a free quote. We don’t serve properties outside this area. 


How we work

Quality – All our timber is treated. We build things the way we would like them to be built for us; sturdy, aesthetically attractive, functional, easy to maintain and designed to last as long as possible.

Free quotes and simple pricing – We give simple prices without hidden costs so you can clearly see how much you will have to pay.

Honest waiting times – Nothing is more frustrating than having someone say they will be with you ‘next week’ and have you waiting for months. If there is a long wait I will tell you. My clients say time and time again that they appreciate my honesty on this. It means they can relax.

Keeping your place tidy – We do our best to always keep on top of the mess. Of course ‘you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs’ but I know that people prefer not to be left in a mess throughout a job, so we keep your place as tidy as possible.

Payment methods – Ideally we prefer BACS (online/branch/telephone banking) because it’s instant and more secure, but we also accept cheque or cash.

Fully insured – We are fully insured with public liability insurance in place.

Registered waste carriers – We have a licence to carry and dispose of waste so we can deal with site waste as necessary.


If you live within a 20 minute drive from SA680XS, (check google maps), you are eligible for a free quote. We don’t serve properties outside this area.