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“I feel so fortunate to be able to use wood as a construction material and my thanks go out to nature for providing the humble tree” – Leon Baines


Honest Environmental Policy

Many companies write cleverly worded environmental policies to make themselves look environmentally ‘Green’ when in fact they may not be. WoodWorks does not make up any jargon. It is not here to ‘trick’ anyone in order to increase it’s business. WoodWorks actually wants to improve the condition of the world we live or at least leave it in about the same state as when it was in before we started. We do this by offsetting the Carbon that we produce by planting extra trees and using responsibly sourced timber under FSC and PEFC schemes.


A sustainable building material

Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials around, with one of the lowest ‘carbon footprints’ of any building material available. For this to be true, the wood needs to come from sustainability managed forests where the trees are replanted after being felled. If you just chop any old tree down and use it without caring about replanting more trees then it’s not sustainable and it’s bad for the environment. WoodWorks ensures the trees it uses are from sustainable sources and WoodWorks also pays for extra trees to be planted every week too.


WoodWorks is 100% Carbon Neutral

In 2012 WoodWorks became Carbon Neutral. On carbonfootprint.com we calculated our emissions. The calculation included production and transportation of material, tools and energy we use for electricity, heat and fuel and more. We took that figure then worked out the number of trees needed to be planted to offset the carbon and paid to plant almost double that number. Click here for our tree planting certificate and to see the reforestation project in Kenya click here. You might also like these real-time food and energy consumption animations. 


WoodWorks give 2% of profits back to the Planet

WoodWorks started giving 1% of profits back to the planet in environmental donations in April 2012 and has since increased this. We do this to help sustain the planet. Ways in which we do this include paying for trees to be planted in Kenya and contributing to Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), which encourages lower carbon food production and protects the environment. Below is a chart of our yearly donations as a % of profits and a running total of trees planted. We use our own logo as the popular schemes funnel a £350 admin fee which I choose to pay directly to the planet. 
2012/2013 – 1% – 24
2013/2014 – 1% – 48
2014/2015 – 1% – 72
2015/2016 – 2% – 96
2016/2017 – 2% – 131
2017/2018 – 2% – 173
2018/2019 – 2% –  215
2019/ 2020 – 4% – 297


Woodland Trust Lifetime Membership

WoodWork’s primary source of income comes from trees so as part of our commitment to the environment WoodWorks is a lifetime member of the Woodland Trust which protects and maintains the UK woodlands and forests. visit www.woodlandtrust.org.uk for more information. This is really only a token offering as it doesn’t cost much at all.


Kilgetty Tree Planting

I’m currently looking for permission to plant trees in my local village. Here is the timeline:

17 dec 2019 –  gained support from people involved with council and with tree planting. 
24 dec 2019 – contact head of the council for permission via email
3 jan 2020 – sourced local supplier of bare-root saplings from Newbridge Nursery, Crundale. 
3 jan 2020 – still waiting for reply from Council but it is Christmas/New year…
14 jan 2020 – got invited from a council member to be part of tree planting, hopefully end February. 

Aim by end Jan – gain permission to plant trees
AIM by end Feb – Plant some trees with the volunteers.