Decking, Fencing and Gates

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Before & After

On certain jobs where I have taken a picture before the work has started, I try to take another shot at an almost identical angle afterwards to show the difference. There is no rhyme or reason to when I do this – sometimes I do it sometimes I don’t. Unfortunately it has not been possible to do this on all jobs because it’s hard to remember to always take a picture before, and also it’s hard to imagine how great it’s all going to look in the end so you end up wishing you’d taken a picture beforehand!

At WoodWorks we do many types of outdoor timber work including decking, fencing, gates and more. Feel free to browse the web site and take a look at the full range of products we offer, and remember everyone is different and we can tailor the designs to your requirements.

So here is a selection of before and after shots for your enjoyment… and remember if you would like a a free quote, call Leon on 01834 218214